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  General consular forms, standard application forms for consular services may be downloaded by clicking any link below. Should you have trouble downloading the form, use the right button on your mouse and select "Save this document" or "Save Link as". The application forms should be filled only in English. Please ensure to fill all columns and do not leave any column blank.

EAP I - Application form for Indian Passport.
[For the issue of an Ordinary (36 pages) International Passport -New, after 10 years (Final) or when pages in the existing passport have been exhausted/and for Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/Damaged Passport/change of name/photograph/address / correction or endorsement requiring issue of a new booklet]

EAP II - Application form for miscellaneous services on Indian Passports
(Extension of Validity, Change of Address (Observation), PCC, Additional Endorsement like endorsing spouse name in the passport etc.., Deletion of child’s name from the parent's passport, Birth certificate on the basis of the passport).
Personal Particulars Form (for availing passport services when your current passport was issued outside Guangzhou)
Application for ECNR endorsement ['Emigration Check Not Required']
Registration of a child born in China, issue of Birth extracts and issue of separate passport
Sworn Affidavit - general proforma
Sworn Affidavit for date of birth
Sworn Affidavit/Declaration of Parents who apply for passport in favour of a minor child
Sworn Affidavit by a parent to convey No Objection for issue of passport in favour of a minor child in India
Change of Appearance - format of Sworn Affidavit
Change of name - format of Sworn Affidavit
Change of name of a minor child - format of Sworn Affidavit
Proforma for Declaration for English translation of documents in Hindi/regional languages
Proforma for Sponsorship Declaration
Sworn Affidavit for driving license
Sworn Affidavit for Marriage
Joint Sworn Affidavit for Marriage
Application Forms for solemnizing marriage under Foreign Marriage Act, 1969 (Consular Marriage)
Proforma for registration of death
Emergency Certificate - Format of application
Forms relating to registration of death of Indian nationals in China
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